I'm a storyteller, writer, dream reader, and teacher with a wide variety of artistic and social interests. I love the use of juxtaposition of images and words to shake loose creative energy. I work to make my neighborhood safe for pollinators, I photograph the beautiful world I live in, and tell stories to children and adults.

I also edit and publish non-fiction and poetry, and I offer Juxtaprise Writing Classes and dream interpretation (one-on-one and groups).

Photo credit: Mark Stevens

Write Club! Adam Booth!

I’m throwing exclamation marks around because it’s shaping up to be a great month. I’m returning to Write Club Denver on February 7 and hosting the delightful Adam Booth for both a masterclass on cinematic storytelling and a house concert on February 24!

My Write Club topic is “Love.” Plenty to say about that! Will I come home with a third trophy? Doesn’t love always win? Get more information at Write Club Denver’s Facebook page. Then come cheer me on!Laura's first and second trophies from Write Club Denver


I first met Adam in person at the Timpanogos in September of 2018, though our stories appeared together on Episode Thirty of the Story Story Podcast. His teaching was excellent, and his storytelling mesmerized me. I’m pinching myself that I have the opportunity to host him and eager to learn from and listen to him again! Check out more information about Adam Booth’s Masterclass here, and our Evening of Stories here.  You don’t want to miss him on February 24 in Boulder, CO!Adam Booth confetti too small


GDPR and My Privacy Policy

If you landed here, you’ve probably discovered that I don’t currently offer a newsletter and so the only place email addresses are collected are through the contact form or if you comment on a post. I will use those addresses to reply to people privately, if requested. Also:

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More updates coming soon! Thanks for stopping by.

Upcoming Performances


Join us for a cozy evening of storytelling in the Table Mesa area of South Boulder, featuring two teams of storytellers: Rachel Ann Harding and Cooper Braun, who are “Stories with Spirit,” and Laura Deal and Wynn Montgomery, who are “Truth and Lies.”  This show features some new original work, some traditional tales, and some of the storytellers’ favorites.

Please note: Stories will be for ages 12 and up, and there are cats who live in the house! Exact address will be sent a few days before the show.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.  For tickets and more information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-evening-of-stories-with-stories-with-spirit-and-truth-and-lies-tickets-45869609236


“Gaia Tells All: Confessions of a Global Diety”

First rule for deities? Never divulge your secrets. But Gaia can’t resist telling stories about plans gone wrong, forbidden passions, and her favorite sensual experiences.



I’m thrilled to announce that I’m one of five finalists in the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival’s Timp Tell Event! I will be telling “The Diffendaffer Taffy Cafe.”