First Church of Metaphor

After studying dreams and writing for many years, I realized that one of the many things I love about them is that they share the language of metaphor. I decided to explore the variety of metaphorical languages by bringing dream interpretation, poetry, essays, music, and visual arts together in one place. Please visit me there, or contact me with a dream symbol question and I’ll discuss it (with your name removed, to protect your privacy).


The Wild Writers is one of my fabulous critique groups.
Janet Fogg, novelist and historian, is co-founder (with me) of my other fabulous critique group, Uff da Cum Laude.
Karen Robinson’s page has a lot of information on a lot of topics, including her very useful Letters to the Goddess and links to her novels.
Paul Flanders is a storyteller and novelist.

If you’re looking for some information on what to think about if you’re considering writing as a career, check out this post, recommended to me by a young woman named Amelia, and her teacher, Barbara Lincoln! Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author

Organizations and conferences I’ve found helpful include:
Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI
Pikes Peak Writers
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers



Jeremy Taylor, an amazing dream worker with four decades of experience and an encyclopedic knowledge of myth and history.
Billie Ortiz, another amazing dream worker who runs dream groups and weekend retreats that are well worth attending.
Brenda Ferrimani, a talented and insightful dream artist.
Irene Clurman and Michael Tappan, a dynamic team who offer a combination of group projective dream work and dream theater in their Dream Portrayal workshops.

I am also a member if the International Association for the Study of Dreams.